Friday, July 17, 2009

Ask Me! The Diva of Divas: Old School Friday

Real beauty NEVER FADES.Nowhere is this more in evidence among female entertainers than in Nancy Wilson aka "Sweet Nancy, The Baby" and the "Fancy Miss Nancy."

Born in 1937, she has blessed us with seventy-plus magnificent albums, and received three Grammy Awards to date. Although she prefers the title of song stylist, she excels artistically as a singer of blues, jazz, cabaret and pop. She has also been described as a "consummate actress" and "the complete entertainer."

There are two things about Nancy that are striking to me. Her unfading inner beauty matches her remarkable physical attractiveness. But additionally, her internal and external elegance, grace, and symmetry remain as fine and lovely today as when she began her career many years ago.


Hagar's Daughter said...

Rev I tell you if I could sing I would want my voice to sound like Miss Nancy Wilson. I love me some Chaka, but I'd want the vocal styling of Ms Wilson.

msladydeborah said...

You know what's up Revvy! We have to let the O-State represent!;-)

Nancy is all that and a bag of chips!

Happy OSF to you!

Marvalus said...

Ms. Nancy has always left me with an indelible imprint of class and that voice is just fabulous!

Awesome choice!!

Dawn on MDI said...

Rev -

that was beautiful. Thank you. I need more beauty in my day. I forget that. Thanks for both reminding me and providing it.

Anonymous said...

Rev, Rev, Rev...
What can a brother say? You knocked this one out the park. And my late father would have loved you for this pick. One of his all time favorite vocalists.