Thursday, September 3, 2009

1st Things 1st, Cuddling: Old School Friday

Several Isley ballads come swiftly to mind i.e. Voyage to Atlantis, For The Love of You,etc. but they remind me more of "baby-making" music. What about "fore-time"?

I chose to go with this Luther selection because cuddling, like the experience of being smitten, captivated, enamored and in love - heightens the pleasure of such things. 1st things 1st.ROMANCE!!!

The music of Angela Bofill, the Latina Diva, born to a Cuban father and a Puerto Rican mother also for me, sets a great mood and atmosphere:

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SjP said...

Fore-time...Now you know you got me cracking up on that one! LOL

I really do love that cut by Luther and Angela, well what can I say.

I'll let you be the judge if my selection this week is "fore-time" material. LOL!

jjbrock said...

Rev great pick.

MilesPerHour said...

Luther Vandross does it right. I love the genre and the way others have kept it going like Will Downing and Brian McKnight. RIP Gerald Levert.

Love songs have always been what I listen to and write the most no matter what style of music. I am an old fashioned romantic and cuddling just goes great with this music. I love snuggling up with my baby to these songs.

Thanks for sharing, gonna get me some Luther out today.
Miles (Not your average Metalhead-lol)

Mista Jaycee said...

Double R,
Once again you have impecible taste except in Basketball. (Smile) Haven't seen you in a while. Hope I am not boring you.

Pop Art Diva said...

Hey, all I did in high school was cuddle, baby making was for after you got married wasn't it????


My cuddle post is Going Steady in the Sixties - Happy Together.

Have a great Labor Day RR!

PPR_Scribe said...

Hey, I am with PopArtDiva. When I think of "cuddling," I think of something that dos not have to lead t or be the after party to something else.

But--I would never argue with Luther and Angela!

Have a great weekend!

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

I've got three different versions of "I Try" on my MP3 player. Angela's will always be my favorite but I also like Will Downing's version a lot.
Luther was the King of cuddle.

Revvy Rev said...

SjP, your own selection was off the meter. Prysock's music is legendary.

Annie, JayCee, Diva - y'all blessed me this week.

Miles - I see you still da man!

PPR, I agree, cuddling is good all by itself and does not always lead to the next step but my point is that the next step should never proceed without it. Too often cuddling and romance or non-sexual intimacy are left out of the equation. I think that those relationships or acts that bypass these necessary first steps are ... crude?

Nordette: You gon' make me spend some money. Got to get Will Downing's version myself. BTW, what's going on in your life?