Monday, October 20, 2008

Nonconformists or Opportunists?

Colin Powell, in his endorsement, called Sen. Obama a "transformational figure." This term brought to mind Martin Luther King Jr.'s sermon The Transformed Nonconformist, based on Romans 12:2 "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds." King depicted conformism as a tyrant that held people prisoner against acting against prevailing mores by fear of being ostracized. There are consequences for walking to the beat of a different drummer, yet Colin Powell has become the symbol of a growing list of those who have crossed party lines to endorse Sen. Obama over John McCain. Will this momentum turn into an avalanche? Does this striking shift by Republican politicians, publications, and adherents represent true transformation, a renewing of the mind and attitudes or is it a "Jumping of the Ship" in order to save oneself?


SjP said...

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Powell's endorsement of Obama was a very courageous. You could tell by his every word during the interview and after, that he did not take this decision lightly knowing full well the impact of this announcement.

Regardless of the circumstances underwhich Powell speech before the UN, he will go down in history as a great American and one heck of a Secretary of State, unlike those who have endorsed John McCain.

Revvy Rev said...

SjP, I was impressed with my visit and will be stopping by on a regular basis. That endorsement was the most eloquent, insightful, and honest assessments I have ever heard. I t deserves to go down in history as well.

You could tell that Powell was very thorough and deliberate as if he was making a case to go to war or not. He may have given a similar statement to his superiors against engaging in the Iraq war.

Thanks for stopping by. (The door is open) smiling..

D.A. Thomas said...

I'm not certain if it is a sign of "true transformation" as much as it is GOP members internally redefining what it means to be Republican?

Subconciously, I think they have become color-blind and no longer see blue or red, and also there is a proclivity not to want to be on the wrong side of the ideological aisle when this election is over.

For certain there is political posturing.

Revvy Rev said...

Thanks for sliding thru d.a.
I have seen over the years, the Republican Party shift far right. It would be nice to see the party redefine itself to a more centrist or moderate stance. Not long ago, Colin Powell republicanism - conservative fiscally and more liberal or progressive socially, was more widespread.

It will be interesting if the party shifts somewhat left.

D.A. Thomas said...

That would be interesting to see indeed. Those with conservative values should be aware of the political prostitution of the GOP by now. The conservative base is in utter horror watching its party lose its identity as the standard-bearer for faith and family values...very interesting.

Senator Obama seems to have dreams of his own. 1)To be President, obviously. Nothing wrong with that. 2)He like MLK very much wants America to embody the high ideals of the Constitution.

We'll know something in 14 days.