Friday, October 31, 2008

Old School Friday #37..... "WE'RE A WINNER" Obama Fight Song

Curtis Mayfield, member of The Impressions and successful solo artist, is known for pioneering social consciousness into R&B music. Many of his compositions or recordings with The Impressions are noted for their social awareness and became anthems of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

For a:
CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL REMIX (My Name is Victory) by Jonathan Nelson


Regina said...

Great choices! I am feeling that Curtis Mayfield! I haven't heard that in years!
Have a great weekend!

Malcolm said...

Very good choices! Although there are many classics by The Impressions from which to choose, "We're A Winner" is my favorite by them. Curtis was ahead of his time in writing socially conscious R&B songs like the one you selected, "This Is My Country", "Keep On Pushing", "Choice of Colors", etc.

Blog Queen said...

great videos. I'm a Curtis Mayfield fan...thanks to my iPod.

jjbrock said...

I am a big fan of Curtis Mayfield great choices. "FREDDY'S DEAD" is my favorite.

Revvy Rev said...

From the SuperFly Album! Yes, I remember it well and how we were young and influenced by the look and fashion of Ron O'Neal's character.