Friday, November 21, 2008

To Be or Not To Bop: OSF Jazz Tribute

Nancy Wilson, jazz, blues, cabaret, and pop icon aka "The Complete Entertainer" and Ramsey Lewis, aka "The Great Performer" team up on this number and bring their combined 150 plus albums, six grammy's and numerous other awards and recognitions together in their 1984 collabo Just The Two of Us.

Jazz trumpeter, bandleader, composer and Bebop pioneer, Afro-Cuban, bent-horn styled legend and icon Dizzy Gillespie in his prophetic Closer To The Source, recorded near the end of his career.


SjP said...

Great picks, Rev! I'm grooving today starting right hear.

Much obliged for that head's up! Only thing to do was to add Chuck!

pjazzypar said...

You can never go wrong with Nancy Wilson, Ramsey Lewis, and of course Dizzy. It's too bad young people don't hear artistry like this on a day to day basis. Wonderful picks and have a happy OSF!

Vivrant Thang said...

Yea look at Miss Regina trying to steal your Nancy! Fortunately there's enough of her to go around and it's a pleasure to hear that soothing voice today. It's like something warm on a bitterly cold day. Soothing.

I was hoping some Dizzy would show up today. I should have known it would be here.

Happy OSF!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rev!

Man, you brought some serious knowledge up in here with those picks! Nancy Wilson and Dizzy? Oh yeah. Nancy Wilson's voice is a true national treasure.

And what can you say about Dizzy? I saw him three or four times live, and for that I feel most fortunate. His history as one of the innovators of bop with Charlie Parker, let alone his pioneering work bringing in the ASfro Cuban influence. Definitely one of the handful of brothers on the Mt. Rushmore of jazz.
Happy OSF!

Revvy Rev said...

SjP: I got your back!

Pjazzy: You know how it is when you are young. It will eventually click. Thanks for dropping thru.

@Vivrant - I'm gon' forgive Miss Regina. She needs prayer, stealing from the Rev. But it's all good.

@teamowens - a "national treasure" and "Mt. Rushmore of Jazz." I'm going to borrow some of your stuff for the pulpit, is that ahight?

clnmike said...

I got to go buy some of Nacy's work now, lol. Good choices.

MsMarvalus said...

Oh, Nancy Wilson! That woman sure can sing! I'm going to immediately load some of her music into the mp3 player...that is pure silk right there!

Kim said...

Wonderful picks! Nancy Wilson is one of those women whose poise and talent you have to admire.

Cooper said...

I'd never heard either of those, great stuff I really enjoyed them, gonna have to save those for further investigation.

Revvy Rev said...

@ Mike: Thanks for dropping in. Nancy has a lot to choose from. Over 80 albums. Save some for me.

Marva and Kim: Nancy is awesome. She is a preacher and/or a preacher's wife - I don't know if that has anything to do with it. It has not helped me one iota!

Coop - you will not be disappointed!

msladydeborah said...

Great choices!

I use to listen to Closer to the Source all the time.