Friday, January 2, 2009

Cool & Copasetic: OSF Bloggers' Choice

I am not ready to get back into the grind, being still maxxed out emotionally, so I am going to chill out on "Smooth" like the following until next week:

PEOPLE MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND: wordless version by Ronnie Laws

WILDFLOWER: by New Birth


Kim said...

I'm always schooled on your site. Good picks! Happy New Year!

Regina said...

I love the smooth jazz rendition of "People" but I must say New Birth brought down the house! Wildflower is a favorite of mine from my childhood!
Have a great weekend!

jjbrock said...

Happy New Year Pastor. I love Wildflower by New Birth great pick.

SjP said...

Oh my! You keep taking me back! Ronnie Laws...New Birth!!! What can I say (better not say anything)... LOL