Friday, December 5, 2008

OSF Child Actors Turned Singers

I chose actors turned singers since it presented me with more of a challenge than the other way around. I also attempted to find child actors who became singers. My Choices Are:

Janet Jackson
First acting role: Good Times, 1974
Youngest member of nine member musical dynasty

First acting role: Thea, 1993
Began performing at age four at church

Countess Vaughn
First acting role: 227, 1988
Began performing at age three at church


Prof. PC said...

Yeah, I picked Janet too. But, I think she's one of the better examples of an actress turned singer, singer turned actors because she went back and forth throughout her career.

I forgot about Countess Vaughn though. But wasn't she an actress first? Remember when she was like seven or eight on 227 and played to whiz kid Alexandria?

MacDaddy said...

It's Janet!

pjazzypar said...

Cool Rev,
Janet and Countess are excellent choices. You forget about what good singer Countess is since her vocal expertise was rarely showcased on the television show "Moesha". I am sure it was because they did not want to upstage the star. Happy OSF!

Kim said...

You did great with picking the ladies. I loved that on Moesha it was Kim that could sing, and they always made Moesha a little tone deaf. No matter what went on behind the scenes, at least they gave that much to Countess Vaughn.

And Janet is a good actress, I'd dare say she acts better than she sings.

Quick said...

Brandy is one of my favorite vocalists! Happy OSF

Hagar's Daughter said...

You did 'the thing' today! Happy OSF.

Anonymous said...

Hey Revvy Rev!

Got some good choices here, man, although I must say Janet is definitely my favorite. And I confess I'm not familiar with Countess Vaughn, so thanks for the education on that one.

MrsGrapevine said...

I remember Countess Vaughn on Star Search before she played on 227. She also played on Hangin' with Mr. Cooper before appearing on Moesha.

I haven't seen any Thea reruns on TV, I use to like that show even though it didn't last very long.

As far as Janet Jackson, great minds think a lot, although I couldn't get the video to play.

Hey Shae! said...

I like the twist on the theme. Great job there. Countess is often overlooked, her role as Kim Parker is probably her albatross. Nice job.

Villager said...

Happy WW! Janet Jackson is an excellent choice for this week's theme. I didn't know that Countess Vaughn was a singer...

Thank you for visiting my blog earlier today. I invite your blog readers to see some photo of a truly FAT CAT!

peace, Villager

Marvalus said...

I was about to say that Countess won at Apollo, but Mrs. G hipped me to her win on Star Search. I just remember her singing her tail off!

Good variety of singing ladies...I'm on a Brandy kick nowadays and have always liked her!

Regina said...

Great picks!
I did not know that Countess could sing.