Friday, December 12, 2008

Pardon My Excesses: OSF, Bands

Please allow me to overindulge! This category is loaded. Who do you eliminate? I threw them all in the air and these came down face up, not in any particular order:

Taste of Honey

Rufus & Chaka Khan

Earth, Wind, and Fire


Hagar's Daughter said...

Alright now! That sista on the bass is just too much. I featured TOH for OSF guitar solos.
And anybody who knows me can tell you how much I love Chaka Khan (I'll have to get you caught up on that. lol)

Happy OSF.

Regina said...

Excellent choices! I almost posted the same EWF video but went with a different choice. I am a long time Chaka fan!

Tha Connoisseur said...

I love all of your choices. I just saw Chaka during the summer, she is INSANE!

Happy OSF.

Anonymous said...


Rev., you don't know what you done did! Taste of Honey?Chaka?? EWF??**#@@!!!

SjP said...

Now see, if I ever get to Toledo I have got to come to your church cause with your OSF favorite bands pick I KNOW you keep it REAL!!!

Still cracking up on the comment you left at SjP's. Can never underestimate those "words of knowledge"! LOL.

SjP said...

Oh yeah, and that Chaka Khan cut...well, let me just say that I "grew up" listening to that one. Fresh out of college, thinking I knew it all only to find out that I really didn't know squat! Oh!!!! But, it was fun!

Revvy Rev said...


A lot of us got educated beyond the books in college during that time period. Yes, come on thru - the Rev keeps it real on Sunday morning fo sho!

@D, you know you crazy!(lol)

@HD, Regina, TC
Chaka still doin' it too! I like how she was schoolin' some of the younger female vocalists on one of the past award shows!

Marvalus said... just better stop it up in here!

I can't leave...the music is just too good!

Happy OSF! said...

Hey Pastor!

You are REALLY bringing it!!!



Vivrant Thang said...

We don't mind your excess at all! Three great picks here. Philip Bailey's falsetto on Reasons always leaves me breathless. Favorite band ever! And they are still doing it!